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Making an Impact

A New Storytelling Course aimed at Storytellers.

Making an Impact

Rona’s central and guiding focus on this course is to constantly reinforce your confidence by exposing the skills you already have and concentrating on what already works about you. Her take on development is about uncovering and defining the internal and emotional barriers which prevent you from being all that you might be as a successful communicator and re positioning them as positive, uplifting forces. You will find yourself fully participating in activities which you would consider to be outside of your normal comfort zone, becoming the stronger, poised, more capable and more confident you.

By the end of this workshop participants will have;

  • Acquired a new set of storytelling skills and techniques to enable them to be a much improved performer.
  • A better appreciation of the potential of storytelling and how to use the techniques to engage an audience.
  • Increased their knowledge of the range of storytelling skills and how to improve their own storytelling style.
  • Recognised that they will be more successful using their natural genre and how to identify what that is.
  • Improved confidence to be able to tell a new short story to a live audience and captivate them completely.
  • Gained an understanding of the wider applications of oral storytelling and its’ incredible impact.
  • Learned how to transfer their new found skills for use in other life situations and contexts.

Who Should Attend?

Note; MAKING AN IMPACT is individual centred and limited to ten participants per course.

 This course is suitable for existing storytellers and for anyone who wants to learn how to use oral communication skills in the storytelling style with the clever use of language and enhance their existing skills or even change direction completely by using newly discovered techniques they haven’t previously identified in themselves.

It’s for anyone who has an interest in developing convincingly as a storyteller and excellent communicator. Rona’s unique style and in depth knowledge have been widely acclaimed.