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The Right Impression

A Storytelling Course for Business

Making The Right Impression with “Leading Language”™ 

Look around you at all the really successful people of today and you will see that they all have one thing in common. They are all incredible storytellers who have people hanging on their every word. How do they do that?

Simon Cowell- Richard Branson – Sir Alan Sugar – Bill Gates – Donald Trump – Oprah Winfrey – Henry Ford

Consider that most of them are not particularly well educated and will happily admit that they left school with no more than a few O grades if any! They didn’t get where they are by being intelligent (or not as the case may be) Smart yes, hardworking, undoubtedly but it was a combination of self-belief and great communication skills that made them the very successful individuals that they are today. People listened when they had something to say and for most of them, that was a learned behaviour. That was their education, learning the hard way how to get their message across and now everyone will listen to them, regardless of what they are saying. Now it’s your turn to learn this incredible skill. OK you probably won’t be a billionaire or even a millionaire but the truth is, you could be all that you want to be and much, much more so let’s get started.

Information that is data-driven will reach out to people’s intellect and may well be retained, at least for a short while, however stories, will stir their imagination and reach their emotions which is what makes storytelling the powerful tool that it is, in engaging an audience. It’s not about children’s bedtime stories but I’m sure you already know that, It’s about reaching people at a different level of their consciousness and that takes skill and skill is learned behaviour. 

Understanding the incredible dynamics of oral storytelling helps people deliver their message in a much more compelling way. Learn how to use language in a way that people just cannot ignore!

Rona Barbour has been teaching these skills for decades and has written “Leading Language” ™ an incredible insight into what people hear when you speak. You will discover that it is rarely what you are trying to say! 

Clever use of “Leading Language” ™ will increase your influence and help you drive your message home.
Learn how the art of pure language, used effectively, never fails to hit its’ mark.

Who Should Attend?
Note; Storytelling in Business courses are intense, person focused and limited to only ten participants per course.

This course is suitable for those who have to communicate effectively with passion and energy to engage directly with people’s feelings and emotions and negotiate with subtle skills and techniques to win them over.

Course Objectives

  •  To recognise and understand the power of “Leading Language”™ and how to use it.
  •  To help participants discover their own innate storytelling ability.
  •  To understand the basic principles of successfully engaging through storytelling
  •  To discover the effective use of storytelling tools, tips and techniques.
  •  To apply the use of storytelling to their own business context.
  •  To understand how successful use of storytelling techniques in communication impacts on growth
  •  To build storytelling confidence through knowledge, repetition and practice!

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They should not be used, copied or distributed without the author’s permission, to do so will be viewed as copyright infringement which will be treated as an offence.