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Touching Nerves - Workshop

Rona Barbour, dedicated to the furthering of storytelling in Education worked tirelessly for over a decade to ensure that this happened and in doing so achieved outstanding results in schools in particular in the Trafford, Manchester and Salford areas of North West England (for which she was nominated as Cheshire Woman of The Year). You may also know that she likes nothing better than to take to the floor with an audience and tell mesmerising tales, however, what some of you may not know is that there is another, significant, more substantial side to her storytelling competence which we now want to introduce you to.

Operating in Universities in areas as diverse as Glasgow and Moscow, she is described as an expert in communication and hosts seminars and workshops training University Lecturers and Tutors how to communicate more effectively with their students, using her intriguing storytelling techniques. Working both independently and as a Consultant in Education for NIACE (The National Institute for Continuous Adult Learning) she consistently receives the highest accolades for this work. She is particularly delighted that some of her workshop aficionados are her fellow peers! (See testimonials below).

Her latest workshop, “Touching Nerves” has wowed her audiences and caused quite a stir. We are now offering this workshop to

a wider audience and no serious storyteller should miss this opportunity! Normally costing up to £125 per person you can take advantage of this offer for just £58.00 So, let us introduce you to…


A serious workshop for those involved in all kinds of storytelling.

Stories can be simple gratuitous entertainment or they can move us deeply, even change us by bringing us to a new level of awareness and a lasting feeling of consciousness.

If our stories don’t do any of these things, then we are not at our conscious best when telling them.

Your audience needs to connect with the story at a certain level in order to feel deeply involved leaving, their emotions feeling touched in some way, by what they have just experienced.

So what are these emotions, that are so deeply rooted in all of us… but that we can learn

to reach through conscious storytelling… and how do we reach them?

What is conscious storytelling?

“TOUCHING NERVES”!                                  

Don’t miss this essential workshop for all serious storytellers.


Rona’s workshops have been described as “exceptional”, and this one is no different, in fact… it’s a cut above the rest!

“Its’ obvious that she puts so much work into them I felt I was being treated to something really special.”

Alan Woollard – Founder and Director of and former Director of The Society for Storytelling.

 Other workshop participants have said;

The training was fantastic. Excellent training session – inspiring, exciting and thought-provoking. I will use all the techniques in passing them on to staff and using storytelling techniques to engage learners.

Samantha Edwards, HR Training & Development Officer, Juniper Training Ltd

Well-structured and delivered session, presented by knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic tutor.

Supported activities, group and pair work, plenty of interactive work.

Andy Chapman, Early Years Family Literacy Officer, Buckinghamshire County Council

Excellent workshop, excellent Tutor, I will use storytelling in my lessons to convey a concept or skill.

Sue Sutton, Tutor, Oaklands College

Rona, your workshop was great, just what I needed, I was beginning to lose faith in myself!

Dr Nicola Grove. Founder and Chair of Trustees at

I’d also like to say how much I enjoyed the workshop Rona –
I liked the way you encouraged people to see where they were and what they wanted to achieve and showed how they could achieve it.

Richard Martin – Germany