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Stories at Work

Rona Barbour’s exceptionally popular workshops include.

  • Storytelling for the beginner.
  • Storytelling to children and adults.
  • How to be a successful Storyteller.
  • How to be a more Professional Storyteller.
  • How to get paid work as a Storyteller.
  • Storytelling in the Workplace.


Storytelling for the Corporate Classes!

Storytelling is coming out of the classroom and into the boardroom. Today, you can study for a degree in ‘Storytelling’. You can hire one of a plethora of professional ‘Business Storytelling Trainers’ to assist you in communication to employees and clients. You can read a whole library of books designed to help you become a skilled storyteller, able to define and communicate your self-image to progress your career trajectory from the ‘Once upon a time…’ to the ‘…happily ever after’.

How can Storytelling make me, or my company more successful?

So you want to be successful? Well, in that case, it’s time to forget almost everything you’ve heard up to now. Forget everything (well almost) that you’ve ever heard on a Training Course. Animals get trained.- People learn!

Intrigued? It?s time to turn back the clock.

Come along and get Untrained. It?s no secret that the road to success is paved with excellent communication skills, however what is less well known is that it is essential that these skills are learned and used in the right order. To be successful, you must lay this paving correctly or it will crumble and disintegrate. These skills can be taught quickly and effectively, changing YOUR life forever.

Words, we’ve heard them all before, and we know that they work, so why don’t they always work?

More importantly, why don’t they always work for you?

Understand-Repeat-Organise- Consolidate-Plan-Confirm-Control-Impress-Listen-Evaluate- Confirm-Understand-Repeat-Organise-Plan-Confirm-Direct-Inspire-Influence-Convince-Persuade-Negotiate.

These words are the stepping-stones to success. Learn how to put them firmly in their place and lay the right, the strongest possible, foundation, in other words; Learn how to Succeed.


Start by asking one question of us. How can Storytelling make me become a more effective and successful communicator, and therefore overall more successful, in just 4 hours.