The Storyteller

Rona Barbour. ‘The Storyteller’ has been described as a mesmerising and hypnotic storyteller, with a voice like warm chocolate wrapped in soft velvet. 

This description made her roar with laughter while she remembered she was at one time described as An Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove” which she thinks her family would agree, was probably much more fitting.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, one of 8 siblings to registered blind parents, Tommy, and Lizzie, she has incredible warmth and a very sharp sense of humour, mixed with the sense of the ridiculous that is indigenous to the people of that city. Coming from a long line of celebrated storytellers she has been writing and telling stories since childhood.

It takes more than a Pandemic to stop her in her tracks and Rona has been busier than ever over the last 2 years and as well as Winning her “She Inspires” Award she has been Telling at Festivals in Chennai, CSF in India in 2021 and 2022 as and for FEAST in Singapore. She has been a Guest Teller at many Clubs in the UK and overseas in Canada, USA and particularly as a regular teller on the WVSG, World Virtual. Storytelling Group. Rona also appeared at the 2022 Audacious Women’s Festival, appearing at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and, the 1st live, LUNCHTIME CABARET at The 5* RADISSON BLU HOTEL in Edinburgh where her received some great feeback on her performance.

Rona has received many awards and acclaim from varying quarters over the past years including being nominated as Cheshire Woman of the Year for her work in Storytelling in the Education Sector with teens with behavioural issues who have been excluded from mainstream schools. 

While she was President of the South Manchester Public Speakers Club, which is part of the ASC (Association of Public Speaker’s Clubs) she won the 1st Susan Hayhurst Award for Raconteur of the Year. 

Of her more recent awards, she was delighted to be featured in the book by Gulnaz Brennan, as one of the 100 Most Inspirational Women in the “100 Stories” book at “She Inspires” Awards at their annual convention in 2019. 

This year 2020, Rona has been shortlisted for a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her Services to Storytelling which she is extremely excited about as it gives her another opportunity to get her message across and achieve her long term ambition, which is to open, a Storytelling Centre for Children and Adults in the North West like the incredible Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she is often a visitor.

If you would like Rona to work with your Organisation/Charity, Or One to One Personal Coaching contact her at: email 


Telephone UK +44 (0)7817 681719