Niace approved consultant

Enhanced CRB clearance.

Member of Equity.


UK Office -Manchester.
0044 (0) 161 943 2623.

Milan Office - Italy 0039 (0) 1878 34769.

Mobile: 0044 (0) 7817 681719

SKYPE: ronabarbour

rona2“Vibrant and full of energy”, “warm and witty”, “mesmerising ” we couldn’t take our eyes off her”, “spellbinding”, “you could have heard a pin drop”. Her Workshop was mindblowing! “To meet this exceptional person, and to hear her tell a story, is to have one’s life enriched”.

 These are just some of the quotes from her appreciative audiences.
To see testimonials and references, click here – What others say.

Rona is:

A former Director of The SFS – The Society for Storytelling (6 years).

A Trustee at OPENSTORYTELLERS  – Founded by Dr Nicola Grove.

A NIACE Consultant in Education – (Requires ten years of experience in the field).

A Storytelling Consultant, Narrative Practitioner and Accredited Tutor in Storytelling.

As well as countless commissions to do Storytelling in various roles. for the last 10 years in Universities and Colleges as far afield as Moscow, Cyprus and Glasgow, she has been teaching Lecturers, Professors and Tutors, how to engage with their students using her unique and intriguing storytelling techniques.

13th March 2015 V.A.F (Volunteer Action Fund) Glasgow.

Presenter and Workshop at “Capturing the Change” event. 

1st April 2015 National Association of Speakers Clubs 

TOPICS PRESENTER at the South Manchester event.

May 2014 NIACE.  Rubric Workshop – London .

9th July 2015 CELCIS

Presenting for CELCIS at; The SIRCC Conference (The Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care),  

CELCIS 9th and 10th June 2014.

Presented for CELCIS at The SIRCC Conference (The Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care), at The Hilton Edinburgh. 

 A.A.T.A 9th July 2014 

Presented at the 49thAnnual Conference of the American Arts Therapy Association in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS.

Rona organised a special Parliamentary Launch at The House of Commons for The Society of Storytelling’s new website. The launch was greeted with great enthusiasm and was voted a resounding success!

Rona has recently been appointed as “Storyteller In Residence” for Education in Action Zone in Liverpool.
Some of the places The Storyteller Rona Barbour works are Cyprus, Scotland, Italy, and Russia.

Working in the PRU Units and… making a difference!


An invitation to the House of commons.

Following the dramatic impact she made at the ICAN Conference, Rona was
given a special invitation to attend the Parlaimentary Launch of ICAN
at The House Of Commons.

In her words, “It was an incredible experience” !

Keynote speaker
at the ICAN Launch in 2006
at the Early Education Conference in Mar 2007.

Young Offenders and Pupil Referral Units

Rona has worked in schools, colleges and universities all over the UK and abroad as far afield as Russia and The Middle East. However what she enjoys most is working in PRUs (Pupil Referral Units) where she gladly swapped her Armani suit for jeans and T shirt when she came  across the many children who had been excluded from school. She believes this to be largely as a result of them not being able to communicate effectively and as a consequence they misunderstand… however she is no walkover. She gives and receives the greatest of respect when working with challenging behaviours and maintains she is richly rewarded for her efforts by their efforts and the success of the projects they jointly engage in. Of course some of the young people present very difficult and challenging behaviours but it is when working with these young people that she really shines. It is her knowledge and experience of the strength of the effects of stories on young people that gives Rona the passionate perspective from which she shares this amazing gift. 


Emotional Therapy and Storytelling Therapy.

As an Emotional Therapist, Rona uses her very special skills to improve the lives of others with outstanding results. Other therapists come to her as she makes it easier for them to get through to people.

The Storyteller Rona Barbour has a proven track record of Theraputic Healing through Storytelling in Schools and other establishments over the last few years. Read the report on page 18 in the November Issue of NIHME


Storytelling has come out of the Classroom and into the Boardroom.

Now you can even get a degree in Storytelling!


Who is the Storyteller?

emotional3bwIt takes a truly special kind of person to be able to stand up in front of a live audience, and completely captivate them. To keep an audience of all ages spellbound and mesmerised for up to an hour or more, hanging on your every word, is no mean feat.

“The Storyteller” Rona Barbour, is that very special kind of person and with her warmth, wit and velvet tones, she can suspend the disbelief of her audience and make them believe that rain is dry, night is day and that those wonderful super beings that we all want to believe in, really do exist. Rona tells of kinds of wonderful tales and her Fairy Tales are superb but she is also able to scare you witless with her “Tales from the Dark Side”. We dare you to listen! Rona has  been nominated as Cheshire Woman of the Year for her services to Storytelling.


About Rona.

Rona’s background is a weird and wonderful mix of real life and fantasy enhancing her ability to be great at telling tales. Born in Glasgow

to registered blind parents and brought up in a family of seven brothers and sisters, she has incredible warmth and a sharp sense of humour, mixed with the sense of the ridiculous that is indigenous to the people of that city.

Prior to becoming an International Storyteller, Rona worked mainly in the Commercial Sector of Sales and Marketing (20yrs) putting to good use her incredible communication and people management skills, teaching others the powerful art of communication, negotiation and persuasion.


Storytelling in Schools.

home3-e1358859514899Rona went in to schools as a Storyteller and was so well received, she was asked to return again and again and has never looked back. She gave up a very lucrative career and for the past few years has been working continuously as a Storyteller throughout the North West, the rest of the UK and Overseas.

During a sabbatical from her very demanding job (taken to find the right school for her boys), Rona went in to schools as a volunteer Storyteller and was so well received she was asked to return again and again and has never looked back. She decided to give up that very lucrative career to continue storytelling and has been working continuously as a Storyteller since. Following approximately 5000 hours of working in classrooms across the UK, Rona has become passionate about the need for storytelling in education and continues to work tirelessly to promote this.

She believes it is our children’s heritage and their right.  Her mantra; “Nobody talks to kids these days. Without storytelling, how else will they know who they are, what their culture is and where they fit in, in society? If we don’t teach them about empathy and rapport through storytelling, how else will they learn? What does the future hold for today’s children who will grow into adults who don’t know how to empathise or communicate effectively with each other”?

She writes most of her own work, Sensitive Stories for Sensitive Children being her most successful venture.

Over 95% of the work she does is through personal recommendations!


Storytelling in the Workplace.

Rona uses her vast experience of workshop leader in the corporate world, to run workshops for Storytelling in the Workplace.

Storytelling is the most powerful communication tool around today. You only have to look to the likes of NASA who have their own Storytelling Magazine for their workers and The World Bank, because they believe so strongly in the power of Storytelling.

 Storytelling is no longer ‘for kids’ – it has become a vital skill for those who seek to communicate at a higher, complex professional level.

In what ways is storytelling a useful tool in the business world?
“Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we are cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories.” (Alan Kay, VP Walt Disney Co)